You have installed anonymoX successfully, and your are already anonymous on the internet.

What is anonymoX doing for me?

anonymoX is not only an Add-On. We provide an anonymization network to anonymize your internet traffic (websites, videos, downloads) within Firefox.

Please note: anonymoX will make your Internet slower
This is because you use anonymization servers of our free-to-use anonymization network.

We pay for these servers, you use them for free. That only works as long as we limit speed for free usage.

For high-speed anonymization see our Premium package:

  anonymoX Free anonymoX Premium
Speed 800 Kibit/s 16384 Kibit/s
Download volume 500 MB per Day Unlimited
Advertisements Yes, a few None
Identities (IPs) few in 3 countries 250 in 15 countries
Price Free 5€ per month

The way it works

To switch between the different provided virtual Identities, use the anonymoX-Icon (blue X), located on the right-hand side of the search bar. Then click on "Change Identity" to get a new IP-Address, and optionally clear cookies.
If you don't want to use anonymoX for certain Websites on which a faked Identity is useless, like Online-Banking, or just want to look like originating from another country for a specific website:
When you are on that Website, enter the anonymoX menu by clicking on the blue X, select the Name of the Website at the topmost menu ( "Settings for"). Then choose if anonymoX should be active or inactive and which country and other options you want to set for that site.
You can use identities in the UK e.g. to watch BBC Player, services in the States to watch Videos from Youtube and other video streaming sites, bypassing censorship and GeoIP-Blocks.
The way anonymization works
Anonymization acts upon a simple principle - If you visit a website without anonymoX, the provider of the website gets to know your IP-Address, your unique Identification in the internet, which can be used to determined your personal info by asking your Internet Service Provider. You are not anonymous.
When you activate anonymoX, we are downloading the Website for you and then redirect it to you.
Just like it works in "real life" when you ask a friend to buy something for you because you don't want to enter the respective store. Your friend acts as a middlemen to protect your Identity.
AnonymoX is your friend when it is about anonymity in the internet. We do not only provide a number of middlemen (we are calling Services); We are also trying hard to make anonymoX very easy to use.