Unfortunately anonymoX does not work for you

The self-test of anonymoX failed, which may have several causes:

  • Currently (Beginning October 2014) the Add-On DoNotTrackMe is incompatible with anonymoX. Disable DoNotTrackMe so anonymoX can work. This is probably caused by a Bug in DoNotTrackMe.
  • In your network, access to the selected anonymoX service is blocked or censored
  • Another proxy on your network intercepts the connection to anonymoX
  • Your network requires already another proxy to get to the Internet
  • An error of anonymoX. Have you seen an error message or do you think that it is not caused by your network?

It may also be just a temporary problem. Please try again later.

If the problem persists, there is most probably no way to change this. But you can still contact us so so that we can find the actual problem, and we might be able to find a solution.

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