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anonymoX let’s you…

  • check_iconVisit blocked sites
  • check_iconChange your IP and country
  • check_iconBrowse the web anonymously
  • check_iconBypass Geo IP blocks
  • check_iconSet separate settings for each website*

*only available for Mozilla Firefox

Open the add-on:

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Activating/Deactivating the add-on:

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Changing countries and identities:

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Please note: anonymoX will make your Internet slower

This is because you use anonymization servers of our free-to-use anonymization network.

We pay for these servers, you use them for free. That only works as long as we limit speed for free usage.

anonymoX Logo

Want even more features?

Get top speed, unlimited traffic, more than 67 new identities and more:

  • Unlimited traffic
  • Faster downloads up to 16,384 Kbit/s
  • Additional layer of encryption
  • No advertising from anonymoX
  • More than 67 additional identities
    and other benefits
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