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Server capacity depleted – Speed throttled

Thanks for using anonymoX! We gladly provide a total server capacity of about 4000 TB/month for free. It is needed for the anonymization of websites, downloads and videos. Unfortunately, the server capacity is now at its limit.

anonymoX overloaded

Therefore, we have to limit the speed to 50%. Only our Premium servers are not affected.

Frequently asked questions

Actually, it's more than an add-on. For anonymous browsing your internet traffic needs to go through anonymization servers. For a smooth experience, the anonymoX company provides many servers in numerous countries. They are maintained by our dedicated team of administrators. Unfortunately, the number of free users is currently exceeding the available capacities.
The limit will only be temporary, until load is getting lower. It is hard to tell how long this situation will last.
For the anonymization, a network of servers is required (see first question). Since Premium subscribers use seperate Premium servers, they are not affected.
All users who were using anonymoX recently are getting this message. If you don't want to use it anymore, you can just ignore the message.

How to proceed?

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