Why should I pay for this?

You are mainly paying for the usage of our premium anonymization network.
The Add-On itself is free.

anonymoX is not just an Add-On. We do a similar job like your Internet Service Provider. To anonymize your internet traffic (websites, downloads, videos), it is being transmitted through our proxy network.
Proxies are computers, provided by us. We are maintaining lots of them, in every country of your country list.

anonymoX Premium

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Faster downloads and videos: up to 16384 Kibit/s (free: 800 Kibit/s)
  • No advertising from anonymoX
  • More Identities: More than 160 new, less used and therefore better identities in various countries (additionally to the free ones)
  • Additional Countries: Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Italy, Hong-Kong, Canada, Australia (additionally to the free ones)
  • Additional Features
  •   E.g. Automatically use only fast or premium identities

Please contact us if you have questions!


Regular Plans

Subscription 1 month

$5.89 USD per month
€4.50 EUR per month
within EU, incl. VAT

Additional Discounts
2% Quarterly
5% Annually

$6.55 USD
€5 EUR
within EU, incl. VAT

Extends automatically, cancellable anytime No subscription, prepaid for 1 single month.
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You will get Premium activation information instantly after we receive the payment.

Payment methods

PayPal - No PayPal account required in most cases
Bank transfer Bank transfer To Germany
Bitcoin via BitPay
With your purchase, you support the ongoing development of anonymoX for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.